Design Prototyping – slides and links

Thanks to everyone who made it along to the Design Prototyping talk, and for getting involved in the discussion afterwards. I certainly found it really useful.

The slides are embedded below, along with a couple of links to useful resources.

Slides from my talk

Resources + ideas

Bill Buxton (author of “Sketching User Experiences”) keynote talk at Mix ’09, and especially the importance of sketching the flow of activity, through a series of interfaces.

“If you don’t have as much detail in the transitions as you do in the states, you’re going to get it wrong”

Ryan Singer (37signals) gave a talk at a Ruby on Rails conference “UI Fundamentals for Programmers” – some great concepts (not solely about prototyping) and ideas of domain-driven design

“Good UI starts with a model that allows for implementation and makes sense to users”

Anne brought along a copy of “Paper Prototyping” for us to look at. I hadn’t seen it before, but there is a lot of good stuff in there.

Wireframe – a definition

My apologies for assuming that everyone knows what I mean when I say “wireframe”. If you say “abstract class”, I will look blank!  🙂  Here’s a decent definition from Wikipedia:

“A website wireframe (also “web wire frame”, “web wireframe”, “web wireframing”) is a basic visual guide used in interface design to suggest the structure of a website and relationships between its pages. A webpage wireframe is a similar illustration of the layout of fundamental elements in the interface. Typically, wireframes are completed before any artwork is developed.”


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