Francis Rowland, web developer and UX designer at the EBI

Francis Rowland

Francis Rowland (@francisrowland)

Lead User Experience Designer at EMBL-EBI, based in the central Web Development team. I try to make things less complicated. Parallel interest in design for data visualisation. See more on LinkedIn and Flickr.

While I worked at Cambridge University, I blogged at

Nils Gehlenborg

Nils Gehlenborg

Nils Gehlenborg (@nils_gehlenborg)

Information visualization, data integration and data mining for large-scale high-throughput experiments in molecular biology.

Nils has now left the EBI, and moved to Boston MA for a data viz job there.

EBI homepage

Eamonn Maguire

Eamonn Maguire

Eamonn Maguire (@antarcticdesign)

Software engineer and graphic designer interested in GUI design (web and desktop applications) and novel interfaces using Java, Flash, ActionScript, CSS, XHTML, & JavaScript.

Eamonn has now left the EBI and joined Oxford University’s e-Research Center, but we’re really happy that he will stay involved with EBI Interfaces in the future.

His design company