Science and Social Media – Sept 22, 2011

After a sumertime hiatus, EBI Interfaces will be back with a talk  towards the end of September with a talk on “Science & Social Media – Making Your Work More Visible and Engaging“.

Twitter birdy saying "science"

Nicola Osborne, Social Media Officer for EDINA, will talk about effective ways to use Social Media to communicate your work. Nicola will talk about strategies, tools, guidelines and ways to plan, manage and monitor social media to engage the people you want to communicate your scientific work with. She will draw upon her extensive experience of advising JISC-funded projects, academic researchers and the wider community on social media.

WHERE: M203, Cairns Pavilion, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus

WHEN: Thursday, Sept 22, 15h00

As always (though it perhaps isn’t obvious), external visitors are welcome to attend this talk. Please contact me, though, to arrange your visit.

To find out a bit more about the kind of things Nicola works on, you can read her Soapbox Science article written for

Search UX: Going with the flow

Charlie Hull, organiser of Cambridge’s Enterprise Search Meetups, invited me to talk at one of their events about UX design for search.

I spoke about “going with the flow“, and how any search activity needs to fit within a user’s flow of overall activities. I also wanted to make the point that developers can have a big impact on UX design. In the world of search, part of this is the power of analytics, which can give us quantitative data about what people are searching for, and how successful they are.

Visualization Principles – Tamara Munzner

The visualization of data and information is not something I particularly work on yet, but I still try to cover this subject whenever I can (hey, you know if you want to help me out on this, please get in touch!).

So, with that in mind, I thought that some of you might enjoy the slides from Dr Tamara Munzner’s recent Visualization Principles presentation at VizBi 2011.

Screengrab of Tamara Munzner's VizBi 2011 presentation slides

I really like the the visual language (“visual encoding”) that she covers; something that reminded me of a good article from Simon Collinson not long ago.

Anyway, there are lots of good, succinct points that give a easily-digestible overview of the principles of visualization. Now, I just need to ask her to give a talk at the EBI when she’s in the UK!  🙂