Review: Search User Interfaces

The book, Search User Interfaces (CUP) was published in autumn 2009, and is written by Marti A. Hearst, professor at University of California, Berkeley, who has done research on search user interfaces for 15 years. It would make an excellent addition to the bookshelf of anyone interested in search and navigation design.

It was thanks to Nils that I found out about it, and I think both of us have a copy now. I haven’t read mine cover-to-cover, preferring instead to dip in and out, reading various sections or whole chapters as required.

I got my copy at the Cambridge University Press (CUP) shop in Cambridge, but it also available on Amazon.

Even better… in an effort to maximise the impact of her writing, Hearst was able to convince CUP to allow her to also make the book available for free, in HTML format, on her website, so you can check it out there, too. This means you can also electronically search the book, which is really handy. I have found myself using both the hardcopy and the online copy.

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Bang! The UX Canon

A chap called Will Evans has put together a very well-received list of recommended reading for interaction and user experience design – the UX Canon. It’s not a short list, but there are certainly some excellent title there.

If you’re interested in IxD or UX, but not sure where to start, you could do much worse that beginning with this very well selected list.

Interaction Interfaces magazine

Founded in 1984, Interaction is a specialist Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) group of the British Computer Society (BCS). Interaction produces a quarterly electronic magazine covering all sorts of HCI topics, also called Interfaces (yes, it is just a coincidence).

They make it available online, and the Winter 2009 issue appeared last week.

You can also download archive issues in PDF format.