Information wayfinding – Tyler Tate

Tyler Tate - head & shouldersIt was great to have Tyler Tate come and speak on campus again. He was previously here, back in October 2010, speaking about maximising findability, and the “scent of search”.

This time round, Tyler was expanding on some of that thinking, and talked to us about information wayfinding – the concept of helping people locate themselves in an information space, and navigate around it efficiently.

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The user experience iceberg

I am currently working on a redesign project. A big one. I’m part of a team (a working group, in fact) made up mostly of web designers, drawn from across the EBI. Our work covers a whole range of UX design activities, and it needs to fit in with the work being done by other working groups involved in the redesign project. I’m there to coordinate that work, and to help our working group interact with others that are part of the same project.

Iceberg (by Slaunger on Flickr)

Initially, we were asked to deal with visual design, but obviously, that is just the tip of the UX design iceberg. In fact, we we need to start deep down below the surface, with the content, then we can work out how all of that content is structured. We also need to work on layout of pages and the visual design of aesthetics of what you can see at the surface. Quite a bit to be getting on with.

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Talk: Beyond the Polar Bear – Mike Atherton – July 4

Mike Atherton, independent UX consultant

I’m excited to announce that our next invited speaker will be independent UX consultant, Mike Atherton.

Mike has worked closely with the BBC recently, particularly in the realm of information architecture (IA) – that is, the structure and organisation of information.

Earlier this year, he presented this same talk at the big IA conference in Colorado, where it created a buzz of interest and positive responses, so it is great that he can present it here, too!

WHERE: M203, Cairns Pavilion, Genome Campus

WHEN: 16h00

Please note that this talk will be held a little bit later than usual. Partly, this is to make things convenient for Mike, and also to see if this works better for you, the audience.

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EuroIA round-up from Martin Belam

I didn’t get to the EuroIA (Information Architecture) conference in Paris this year (Sept 24/25), and maybe most of you didn’t either! If you’re interested, Martin Belam has gathered together links to almost all the talks and slides on his website.

He says,

“…if you fancy reliving your favourite presentation, or flicking through the slides from some of the sessions you didn’t see, then here I have attempted to gather together the blog posts or linklogs or slides that went with each of the talks.”

Martin is an information architect at, and is co-hosting an Enterprise Search London meet-up entitled “Search the Guardian” on Oct 18, if you’re interested. I can’t get to that either. *sigh*

Thanks to Matthew Solle for the heads-up.

Guest Speaker: Roy Ruddle – Navigation in information spaces, and using giga-pixel displays to visualize biological data

We are very happy to announce Roy Ruddle as our next guest speaker. Roy is a Reader in Interactive Systems, and a member of the Visualization and Virtual Reality research group at the University of Leeds.

WHEN: June 18th, 14h00

WHERE: M203 (the function room next to Murray’s restaurant), Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton

TITLE: Navigation in information spaces, and using giga-pixel displays to visualize biological data
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