Lean UX? Maybe.

None of the projects I work on follow an Agile process. Imagine that.

That’s not to say it’s all waterfall but the team I work in, in particular, has too many separate projects on the go to be able to make the most of Scrum or Kanban, sprints and burn-down charts. Our open-plan office would quickly be wall-papered with those charts, if we had one per project!

All this is to say that I have largely ignored discussions about “how do we combine traditional UXD practices, especially up-front user research, with the Agile process?” and more recently, the development of lean UX. There are people whom I respect (people like Adrian Howard, Jeff Gothelf and Johanna Kollman) who know a whole lot about these things… but I’ve rather let it pass me by.

Then I was at UX Lisbon in May, 2012, where Jeff Gothelf spoke about lean UX and building a shared understanding, and I really sat up in my seat. “Hang on,”, I said to myself, “given Jeff’s 5-part definition of lean UX, it looks as though I’m doing that already!”

Whodda thunk?

Lean UX in action? Developer, domain expert and UX designer

Lean UX in action? Developer, domain expert and UX designer (me, taking the photo) at the EBI


Notes from UX People Autumn 2010 talks

UX People Autumn 2010 logoLast Friday (Nov 26), I got up early, took the bus into Cambridge, and hopped on a train down to London to attend the UX People one-day conference. It was well worth the effort.

It was good to see some familiar faces from the first event in March, and to see that there were lots of well-respected UX and IA people there to support the second one.

The day was split into two halves, with four talks in the morning and two hands-on workshops in the afternoon.

The talks were pretty good, two in particular, and the workshops were also very enjoyable. Of course, you end up wondering what the other workshops would have been like (you could choose 2 out of 5), but hey ho… I was happy with my lot. I had an enjoyable afternoon, doing a lot of sketching, guided by the talented Eva-Lotta Lamm, and then a really fun ideation / brainstorming session with other attendees, instigated by the people from AKQA.

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User Centred Design poster

Pascal Raabe (#jazzpazz), a graphic designer and student based in Bristol, has released a really nice poster explaining user centred design.

You can download it for free in PDF of JPG format, and you can order a high quality, A1 sized printed copy in return for a donation towards Pascal’s studies.

a peek at the UCD poster

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