Javascript: sold out

Registration for the Javascript Tips & Best Practices event mentioned in my previous post opened on January 17 and co-organiser, Rafael Jimenez, and I held our breath.

We knew that lots of people, both on the Genome Camps and off it, were interested but we were less sure about the extent to which that would translate into actually selling places! Turns out that we needn’t have worried.

Places were sold out in a record 29 minutes. Now, there’s a waiting list and it looks as though we could run the same event a week later and fill it. Phew.

Screengrab from

Screengrab from

Testing a hypothesis

Needless to say, Rafael and I were both very surprised and very satisfied by this. Our experiment seemed to have gone a long way towards proving our hypothesis. No, really. Taking inspiration from Lean UX, and situations that author Jeff Gothelf has described in talks, I created a hypothesis for this event.

We believe that by organising and hosting an in-depth, hands-on JavaScript workshop and talks at the EBI

We will achieve a shared baseline knowledge of JavaScript across all web developers at the EBI; that we will demonstrate the importance and popularity of solid, relevant JavaScript discussion and training;

We will consider this a success when we hear positive feedback from participants, if we have a waiting list or demand for running the event again, and if  our local (EBI) developers feel that they have been part of something designed for them

So, OK, the event hasn’t actually taken place yet, but we are pretty confident that it will all run smoothly, and we know that the talks and tutorials will be great. Tim and Ben are going to guide our participants through lots of great stuff, and we’re really excited to have Joe Parry there, too. For now, we think that the response we received in terms of registration and demand is so far the best validation of our hypothesis. And no, we didn’t actually bother with a null hypothesis.


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