User research plans

To maintain your sanity, and as a tool for communicating the goals of user research, a plan is essential.

I’m not a fan of lots of documentation in a project and anyway, exhaustive development specifications and milestone reports are usually not part of the projects I work on at EMBL-EBI. Even so, for a given piece of user research, I want to have a plan, and the single-page kind that Tomer Sharon recommends is perhaps my favourite way of doing this.

A friend recently asked for an example of one of these single-page user research plans, so here’s one I drafted recently. I’ve anonymised it slightly, so it might seem a little bit vague!

example user research plan

An anonymised example of a single-page user research plan

Since the idea of considering the user experience of using EMBL-EBI bioinformatics resources took root about four years ago, we’ve been able to build on past successes and peoples’ trust, and expand that kind of UX design-related work we can get done.

More recently, we’ve begun to get more traction for carrying out research of users and their habits early in a project, to give us a solid foundation for design and development work. This is brilliant, since it brings us closer to the community and learn from their stories, but just like scientific research, user research needs to be planned. To have a record of this, I’ve adapted Tomer’s format very slightly, and now I have something that I can use myself, and that I can share with team-mates, project leaders, and other stakeholders.



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