‘Designing with the user in mind’ – Talk Sketchnote

Sketchnote of Jenny Cham's ISMB talk

Here is a sketchnote for the UX talk Jenny Cham gave at ISMB/ECCB 2013 conference, in Berlin, on Tues 23 July.

Presentation Title:Designing with the user in mind: how UCD can work for bioinformatics

Talk blurb:  It is recognised that bioinformatics resources often suffer from usability problems: for example, they can be too complex for the infrequent user to navigate, and they can “lack sophistication” compared to other websites that people use in their daily lives. In this presentation, I describe specific case studies to show how user-centred design (UCD) principles can be applied to bioinformatics services.

We love sketchnotes!

If you like sketchnotes, follow these links to find more!:

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