Six degrees of Kevin Bacon: hydrozoan edition

Thank you to Zoe Rose for coming to the Genome Campus. Sketchnotes from her talk…

sketchnotes from Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (hydrozoan edition)

Sketchnotes from Zoe Rose’s talk “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (hydrozoan edition)”


Zoe Rose

On Wednesday, July 24, 2013, information architect Zoe Rose will talk to us about what connects a movie star, an emperor, and a common freshwater invertebrate.

The connections between these and many other things can be found using an ontology. An ontology is a method of classification with more power and more flexibility than a taxonomy.

In this session we will examine the structure and use ontologies by making one.

WHEN: July 24th (midday (12pm))

WHERE: C209 (shared facilities, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus) If you are not based on Campus, please contact Francis Rowland and let him know that you’d like to attend.

About Zoe Rose

Zoe is an information architect. She developed the curriculum ontology used by the BBC, and worked on creating search infrastructure for several products at Cambridge University Press. She can happily talk about classification, metadata, and usability for hours on end – just ask her!


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