Another HSF + UXD workshop on the Genome Campus

Cardsorting – May 3, 2012

In keeping with our workshops on the first Thursday of each month (after HSF), we will run the third User eXperience Design exercise on 3 May at 10:30.

We’ll explore ‘Card Sorting’, which is a method to identify clusterings of important information into subheadings and to design information architectures that make sense to users. It can be done manually or virtually using software.

For example, if you have data like ‘SNPs’, ‘Insertions’, ‘Deletions’, and ‘Structual variants’ you can quickly find out how people would break these up into categories, and what people would name those categories, using this activity. Jenny and Sangya have lots of experience of applying this technique in our field, so come and learn from them.

What: UXD workshop (Card Sorting)

When: Thursday 3 May at 10:30 (we have the room until 12, but people are welcome to stay for a short time if they have other engagements)

Where: M2-03

Come on Thursday!  If you do go to HSF, take advantage of the tea and biscuits just after!


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