Highlights from Vizbi 2012 – March 30th

The Vizbi 2012 conference was held at EMBL Heidelberg at the beginning of March, and a few of us from the EBI were lucky enough to attend.

In an effort to share some of the ideas we picked up there, we will present a summary of … the whole conference, or our highlights at least! And now… here are the slides:

WHEN: March 30th, 15h00

WHERE: M203, Cairns Pavilion, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus 

Vizbi 2012 poster - visualizing biological data

Vizbi 2012 poster - visualizing biological data

There was a range of expert speakers at the conference, and of course lots of useful conversations with other attendees in between talks and over wheat beers. We all had in common an interest in data visualization but given our different perspectives, we each came away with different highlights. While I was looking at things through the lens of user experience design, the others were thinking about animation, visualising data in multiple dimensions, state-of-the-art graphics technology applied to biology, and so on.

I thought it would be good to share our highlights with those of you who couldn’t make it, and so between six of us, we will somehow compress three days, almost 30 talks and about 80 posters into 40 minutes!

Please come along and help to continue the discussion on how to visualize biological data.

EMBL Heidelberg ATC

EMBL Heidelberg Advanced Training Centre


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