“Secrets of simplicity” – Dec 1st

Giles ColborneThe final EBI Interfaces speaker for 2011 will be design consultant, Giles Colborne. The author of Simple & Usable will speak to us about the “Secrets of simplicity“. There might be the opportunity for some audience interaction, too, beyond just asking questions. Giles is a really engaging speaker, and he will no doubt want to involve you, the audience, as much as possible!

WHERE: M203, Cairns Pavilion, Wellcome trust Genome Campus

WHEN: Thursday, December 1st, 14h00

As usual, if you don’t work on the Genome Campus but you would like to attend this course, please contact me and I can arrange for your visit.

Talk summary

We often talk about needing to make stuff simpler – but we have an almost irresistible desire to add more stuff – more features, more content more widgets. How to we know when we’re adding value and when we’re overloading the user? How do we know when we’re dumbing down and when we’re achieving the kind of simplicity that feels like genius. This interactive workshop will give you frameworks for planning and designing user experiences that feel genuinely simple to use.


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