Content strategy and software development – Nov 14th

Des Traynor, InterComOn November 14th, Des Traynor will talk about how content strategy fits in with software development. Des is a user experience and user interface designer with a background in software engineering. With a wealth of experience to draw on, Des will talk to us about  “The language of software: the role of content strategy in software development”.

WHERE: M203, Cairns Pavilion, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus

WHEN: November 14, 15h00 – 16h00

If you don’t work on the Genome Campus, but you would like to attend this event, please contact me, and I can help to arrange that. (I can’t help with travel costs, though – sorry!)

Talk summary

Call it a bubble, or the year investment got smart, 2011 marks the birth of hundreds of web applications all promising to be the Next Big Thing™. And content strategy should be part of it.

To ensure the growth and maturity of content strategy as a discipline, it must have a permanent role in software development, not as a closing phase or an isolated perspective, but as a significant contributor to the process. This contribution is two-fold: it should both create content for users to consume, and ensure that interfaces are designed for user generated content.

Supported by practical examples, we’ll discuss where content strategy can make the difference between lifeless echo chambers, and thriving community websites; between confusing workflows, and fluid software.

What you’ll learn

  1. How software developers and content strategists can communicate
  2. How to implement content strategy processes into development ones
  3. What makes for good content in applications that have little of it

About the speaker

Des Traynor is UX Lead at Intercom, a customer relationship management and messaging tool for web app owners. In this role Des works on interface design, customer communications, and all content & messaging within the tool itself. Previously Des was a user experience consultant for six years, designing interfaces for start-ups and multinationals alike.


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