Upcoming talks, autumn 2011

We have three great events to go before Christmas (hey, they’re already selling Christmas puddings in the shops!).

October 17, 14h00 -15h00, Webinar: “Principles of Web Navigation: Advanced Design Techniques” (one hour) – James Kalbach

November 14, 15h00 – 16h00, Talk: “The language of software: the role of content strategy in software development” – Des Traynor

December 1, 15h00 – 16h00, Talk: “Secrets of Simplicity” – Giles Colborne

The webinar will be in C209 (near Sanger reception), and the talks will be in M203 (next to the restaurant).

OCTOBER – Navigation design

James Kalbach photoThe next event we will have is a pre-recorded webinar from UX consultant James Kalbach, entitled “Principles of Web Navigation: Advanced Design Techniques“. This webinar is actually from June 2009, but will still have many fresh, relevant points about how we approach navigation design.

Full details of the webinar are available on the Rosenfeld Media website.

WHERE: C209, Shared Facilities, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus

WHEN: October 17, 14h00 – 15h00

After we have figured out the content of a website, we typically work on an structure for that content (“information architecture”). After that, of course, we need to design the optimum navigation that will allow our users to move around that information space and find the content they need. Cue navigation design!

About the speaker

James Kalbach is the author of Designing Web Navigation (O’Reilly, August 2007), the bestselling book which offers a fresh look at the fundamental topic of web site navigation design. By day, James is a user experience designer with LexisNexis, where he develops interfaces for web-based search applications. He previously served as head of information architecture with Razorfish, Germany, and is an assistant editor with Boxes and Arrows, a leading online journal for user experience information. James holds a degree in library and information science from Rutgers University, as well as a Master’s degree in music theory and composition.

NOVEMBER – Content strategy and software development

Des Traynor photoIn November, Des Traynor will talk about how content strategy fits in with software development. Des is a user experience and user interface designer with a background in software engineering. With a wealth of experience to draw on, Des will talk to us about “The language of software: the role of content strategy in software development“. Des recently gave the same talk at CS Forum 2011 in London, and at a Refresh Dublin event.

WHERE: M203, Cairns Pavilion, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus

WHEN: November 14, 15h00 – 16h00

About the speaker

Des Traynor is UX Lead at Intercom, a customer relationship management and messaging tool for web app owners. In this role Des works on interface design, customer communications, and all content & messaging within the tool itself. Previously Des was a user experience consultant for six years, designing interfaces for start-ups and multinationals alike.

DECEMBER – Secrets of simplicity

Giles Colborne photoAnd to top it all off, the last talk of the year will be given by the highly-respected designer, Giles Colborne, who will talk about the “Secrets of Simplicity“.

WHERE: M203, Cairns Pavilion, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus

WHEN: December 1, 14h00 – 15h00

The balance between what appears to be simple, and what appears to be complex, is an important one for user interface designers to strike. An appropriate degree of one or the other is necessary to support a good user experience, and for those of us who work on scientific software or applications, we know how important this can be.

Giles will have a lot of great advice and guidance for us here, and if you are interested, you should have a look at his excellent book, “Simple and Usable“. I read it last year, and I can highly recommend it!

About the speaker

Very briefly, Giles is works on strategy and user experience for major brands online and on mobile platforms, worldwide as part of CX Partners, based in Bristol.


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