Talk: Papers for Mac 2.0 – the Difficult 2nd Album

Papers2 image

The next EBI Interfaces talk will be given by Matias Piipari (@mz2), the iOS developer at Mekentosj, the company responsible for the popular Papers app.

WHEN: Wednesday, May 25, 14h00
WHERE: M203 (the function room next to Murrays restaurant, where the HSF meetings take place), Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton

Matias was at the Sanger Institute during his PhD, so many of you will know him already. He has since combined his interests in computational biology and development for Apple operating systems, and I know that lots of you already use Papers.

Description of talk

Papers is a research tool which lets you organise your personal library of research in an easy and powerful way. As a user and more recently as a member of the development team, I’d like to introduce you to Papers for Mac 2.0. Version 2 is a complete rewrite of the software, released as a result of some 2.5 years of work.

I’d like to give you insight into design and user experience of the updated application. I also hope to tell you about lessons we’ve learned from listening to user feedback, and of some lessons that were only taught to us by the 2.0 release itself.

During the talk you can also take part in a collaborative literature review and sharing experiment using Papers Livfe, the new collaboration platform included as part of Papers 2. You can download a demo of the application for the demo session.

We’re still throttling the numbers of Papers2 users able to access Livfe, and attending this talk is a sure way to get an invitation to the service.

PLEASE NOTE: neither EMBL-EBI or EBI Interfaces have any direct relationship or commercial interest in Papers or Mekentosj. I invited Matias to speak because he has worked on a product that provides an excellent user experience to the (mostly scientific) academic researchers who use it… like you!


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