Information Architecture and Structural Biology

Send me your examples of structures in biology, and help to put a new perspective on information architecture.

There is an interesting project underway, across the Atlantic… Carl and Katie are both design graduates from the University of Michigan. They are exploring how structures, networks and relationships in biological systems can help to develop ideas about information architecture. They are happily embracing the idea that we can always learn something from other disciplines!

Interaction hearts biology

In terms of information architecture, sometimes, trying to work with a simply hierarchical structure for a website or some other system simply isn’t adequate.

Instead, you might want to think about an “ecology” (or perhaps an “ecosystem”), where there are numerous related and interacting elements.

So with that in mind, we could look at examples of structure in biology. This is where I hope you can help.

The guys need more examples.

Sounds cool – tell me more

A blog has been created at tumblr where the guys hope to collect as many visual examples of biological structures as they can. There will be more biographical information, and an outline of their aims, appearing on their blog soon. If you can provide more examples of exciting biological structures, please get in touch.

If you’re on the EBI Interfaces mailing list, you’ll already have my address.

It might be something you research; something you have seen in a paper, a poster or on a website; it might be something that you work with every day. Molecular structures, protein networks, functional pathways… You are the experts!

On the blog already are things like fractals, networks and repetitive structures in organisms. But I am sure that you can come up with more ideas and examples!


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