Deep user experience, information architecture and the BBC

Some of you are no doubt still chewing over the great talk we had at the end of February from Bronwyn van  der Merwe and Andy Greenham – they covered the visual identity and what one may think of as the “surface user experience” of the BBC’s websites.

Some of you may also have attended Tom Scott’s talk in the middle of February, where he told us about how he and his colleagues work with linked data and ontologies to craft the BBC Wildlife web pages. This gave us a glimpse at how one might use information and the mental models of our users to construct an architecture.

If you liked that, I can highly recommend this excellent presentation from the Beeb’s Mike Atherton (@mikeatherton). It was presented recently at the IA Summit 2011, and generated a lot of positive tweeting and reviews.

Mike covers some great points about the deeper user experience; that which is based on the architecture of a website. Do the mental models of the consumer overlap with that of the provider? What about the URLs? Are they usable? He also talks about domain-driven design, which is something I’ve heard Ryan Singer talk about in the past… and also promotes the classic model of starting at the deep level of information and content, and building up towards the surface

This presentation pulls all these topics together really rather well. Enjoy.


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