A licence to print money!

Monopoly moneyUsing the Buy A Feature game can be an excellent way to let a team and potential users explore and prioritise possible features for software or a website. Here’s some printable Monopoly money, to help you on your way!

Getting hold of Monopoly money has proven tricky over the last few months. Something to do with worldwide recession maybe? I wanted some to use as part of a Buy A Feature design “game”; just the sort of thing that Neil and Rob described at a recent Interfaces talk.

Assigning values to features is a clever way to structure discussion of what to design, develop or build in a project. It also gives stakeholders a better grasp of what is possible, and what is most important

Amazon were sold out, and I didn’t immediately find anyone else who wanted to part with a stack of pink/blue/green/yellow notes.

To the rescue… my team-mate, Peter, pointed me to these downloadable and printable PDFs of Monopoly money (10 notes per sheet), made available by the manufacturers, Hasbro. Great! Saves writing out your own money on post-its!


3 thoughts on “A licence to print money!

  1. Thanks for the links to printable money! We often make our own money for “Buy a Feature” games, with branding for our clients. And at Innovationgames.com, we have linked to a couple suppliers of Monopoly and Life money (Life has much higher denominations). We also have an online version of the game at http://innovationgames.com, which is great when you have distributed teams. As an aside, our CEO Luke Hohmann is the inventor of Innovation Games(r), of which Buy a Feature is one.

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