Enterprise Search Meetup group in Cambridge

If you’re interested in search technology, systems and interfaces; if you know your Xapian from your Lucene Solr; if you’re looking for something else to slot into your social calendar, then perhaps you will be glad to know that Cambridge now has its very own Enterprise Search Meetup group.

Organiser Charlie Hull describes it as follows:

“If you’re working with, developing or planning to use any search technology, be it open source, commercial closed source, appliance-based or simply theoretical join this Meetup! Interest or experience in Lucene/Solr, Microsoft FAST, Endeca, Xapian, Autonomy, Exalead, Attivio, Grapeshot, TrueKnowledge, Google Search Appliance, Vivisimo, Muscat, Sphinx – or anything else – is all that’s required.”

I know there are quite a few people on the Wellcome Trust campus who might be up for this, so I encourage you to investigate further. And I’ve met Charlie a couple of times – he’s a nice bloke!

Their first meeting will take place on Feb 16, and will feature a 20-30 minute talk from Charlie on searching news media with open source software, with case studies including a major UK newspaper and a leading UK media monitor.

Drinks and nibble provided.


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