Design your presentations

A rather marvellous presentation about presentations, from Jesse Desjardins:

Hat-tip to Robert Slowley for point out that one.


2 thoughts on “Design your presentations

  1. Karyn M. says:

    Although some of the points are really good (and I know a bunch of people who would benefit from it!), I’m not sure it all apply to scientific presentations.
    (i) At a scientific conference, if you put too many images that are not necessarily linked to your work but are just here to catch attention, you’re not going to be taken seriously. (ii) What’s the point of putting a presentation on the web that only you can do? If people are not able to get the message across without you talking behind, then what do they get out of it?

    I’m not saying fun pictures should be banned from scientific presentations, but I’m not sure a funky presentation is not going to serve you well. (may be I’m just getting old and I’m stuck in year 1999 with my bullet points)

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