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Storytelling can be a really powerful way to inform user experience design. We can of course use it to involve the audience, and it can give narrative to the information we wish to communicate. Data can tell a story. The personas we sometimes use in the design process are characters in a story, and that story might describe the context in which our websites and software are used…

User experience and storytelling

At the UX People event in London earlier this year, Jason Buck presented a workshop on the craft of storytelling, and talked about how we can use stories to introduce new user experience. For more on that, you should definitely check out the work of Whitney Quesenbery and Kevin Brooks (authors of Storytelling for User Experience: Crafting Stories for Better Design), or this Smashing Magazine article from Francisco Inchauste. You could also watch the video (38 minutes) of a presentation that Whitney Quesenbery gave recently for the NYC UPA. It’s something I am thinking about a fair bit at the moment.

Lessons learned

Another take on storytelling is that we can learn from the stories told by others of their experiences in the broad field of UX design. This is the premise behind the free e-book, “UX Storytellers: Connecting the Dots“. The people who have pulled together these stories from almost 50 authors aim to “collect and publish stories out of the life of IA, UX and IxD professionals”.

It makes for great reading… and you can read it here.


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