Post on UX/IA over aesthetics

Why Ugly sites convert better than yours


4 thoughts on “Post on UX/IA over aesthetics

  1. Hmmm… honestly, I found that article a bit “light”.

    I mean, an experienced designer already knows that “pretty” is not the point. We should be designing a solution to a problem – show something; sell something; explain something, etc. Ideally, we should also be trying to view thing from the perspective of the people using the site.

    “…get on board with the idea of designing sites that draw the eye to calls for action and not sites that draw the eye to pretty.”

    Er, OK.

    But yes, the take-home point that designer != artist is sound.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • You are correct about the article being light, but the reason I found it interesting was not for the writeup, detailed references (chortle) or case studies, but because it’s one of the first articles I’ve seen winding designers back in and encouraging better interaction with UX people 🙂 it is merely and thought provoking piece for designers…

      Actually, there’s another article I was reading called the “$300 million button”. I’ll search for it and attach to this post later on 🙂

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