Balsamiq Studios – presenting Balsamiq mockups

Really cool mockup tool. You have to pay some monies for it, but it’s nice.

Try it free here: Try Balsamiq Mockup.


2 thoughts on “Balsamiq Studios – presenting Balsamiq mockups

  1. Yep, Balsamiq is a good one.

    Several people at the EBI have been using the desktop version for a few months now. In External Services, we got a bunch of licences before Xmas, and I’ve certainly been getting some good use out of it.

    I know other people are doing some pretty complex prototyping with it now, and although it can be a little bit flaky sometimes (things freeze fairly often), I’m very glad to have it in my toolkit. It’s pretty cheap, too.

  2. Another HTML interactive tool you might want to check out is Tiggr – With Tiggr you can create, share and preview Web and mobile HTML prototypes. The key is that you can create interactive HTML prototypes with navigation which you can view and test in any browser.

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