Review: HTML5 for Web Designers

I received my copy of HTML5 for Web Designers at the end of last week. At less than 90-pages, it makes for a quick read, and I found it really succinct and enjoyable. The book is written by by Clearleft’s Jeremy Keith, and published by the people behind the mighty A List Apart.

HTML5 for Web Designers cover

If you’ve heard Keith speak, or read his blog at all, you’ll know that he has a good-humoured, easy-going approach, and that comes across in his writing here. Although chapters a short, that doesn’t mean that Keith misses anything out… in fact, probably the best thing about this book is that it is so digestible, and yet it covers all the things you need to know right now.

Semantics; strategy; good and not-so-good points; the impact that <audio> and <video> tags will have; what you can do with HTML5 in today’s web browsers… are all covered in this book, in just enough detail for you to hit the ground running.


OK, that was a very short review… 🙂


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