Balsamiq plugin for Confluence

Graphic link to Confluence plugin for BalsamiqI know that some of you are using Balsamiq to create digital wireframes and simplified UI prototypes or mockups. Some of you may also use the collaboration software Confluence.

Well joy of joys, there is a Confluence plugin for Balsamiq… need I say more? Well actually, yes.

It isn’t free. In fact, I think it is quite expensive… but it is available if you think you’ll really benefit from it.


4 thoughts on “Balsamiq plugin for Confluence

  1. Sarah says:

    I’d already spotted that. Unfortunately, I’m informed that there’s a new (not discussed with anyone else) decision not to install new plugins for Confluence. So even if people think this is the bees knees, we won’t be able to have it.

  2. Antony Quinn says:

    An alternative is to use Confluence itself for “mid-fi” interactive prototypes. This is great for testing the information architecture of a site: it’s easy to create pages and links with real content, and you get basic control over layout with {section} and {column} macros. With judicious use of the {html} macro, you have finer control over styling and layout, and can test your interaction designs by adding form controls such as buttons and checkboxes. You and others can add annotations via comments on each page.

  3. Another HTML interactive tool you might want to check out is Tiggr – With Tiggr you can create, share and preview Web and mobile HTML prototypes. The key is that you can create interactive HTML prototypes with navigation which you can view and test in any browser.

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