Talk: Caleydo – Visual Analysis of Biomedical Data

Details of our next talk coming up…

Alexander Lex and Marc Streit from the Graz University of Technology in Austria will talk to us about the visualization framework, Caleydo.

TITLE: Caleydo – Visual Analysis of Biomedical Data

WHERE: Cairns Pavilion (M203) lecture room

WHEN: Monday, Sept 20th, 14h00

Caleydo graphic

Talk abstract

The goal of our work is to support experts in the process of visually analyzing biomedical data.
We thereby focus on two areas of research: the analysis of quantitative data, such as omics data, and the analysis of heterogeneous data sources, for example combining pathways and omics data.

In the first research area we employ techniques such as heat maps and parallel coordinates, as well as novel techniques such as the Caleydo Matchmaker and use machine learning methods and statistics to prepare the data. The Matchmaker technique uses subspaces of a multi-dimensional dataset, clusters them separately and allows to compare the results. This is superior to clustering an inhomogeneous data set at once.

In the analysis of heterogeneous data sources we employ novel view arrangement and visual linking techniques to connect different but related data sources, or to re-introduce lost connections. One example is our Bucket technique which combines pathway and omics data analysis. The Bucket technique is employed to support a seamless navigation of multiple pathways which simultaneously link to the expression of the contained genes. This approach facilitates the understanding of the interconnections between pathways, and enables a non-distracting relation to omics data.

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