Webinar on Findability

Tyler Tate photo

Those of you who deal with search interfaces might be interested to check out a free webinar, entitled “Findability – Designing the Search Experience“, to be given by Tyler Tate on Wednesday, August 18th, 18:00 GMT.

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Search interfaces are a really fascinating area of user experience design, given how widely-used that kind of interface is.

Tyler Tate has lots of UX design experience, and published a really good article last year on minimising complexity in user interfaces, and another good one not long ago on “the scent of search“.

Webinar description

“Consumer search engines have set user expectations at a simple box — and billions are being invested to deliver findability to satisfy a world of consumers.”

“But you don’t need billions of dollars or millions of users to build a user-friendly search application. In fact, studies of how and why people search have revealed a set of principles that — if followed — result in happy users who find what they’re seeking with as little friction as possible.”

“Join special guest Tyler Tate, user experience designer at UK-based TwigKit Search, for a high-level discussion of key user interface strategies for search that can be leveraged with Lucene and Solr. The presentation covers:

  • Ten things to know about designing the search experience
  • When to assume users know what they’re looking for — and when not to
  • Navigation/discovery techniques, such as faceted navigation, tag clouds, histograms and more
  • Practical considerations in leveraging suggestions into search interactions”

Sign up to attend this webinar (requires registration).

Suggested reading:

Peter Morville’s “Ambient Findability

Marti Hearst’s “Search User Interfaces

Peter Morville and Jeffrey Callender’s “Search Patterns

Divoli, A., Wooldridge, M.A. and Hearst, M.A. (2010) “Full Text and Figure Display Improves Bioscience Literature Search“, PLoS ONE 5(4): e9619 [PubMed]

Please note: this event is not organised by EBI Interfaces


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