A blog on work Eamonn is doing – ISAinfrastructure

Hi all,

I’ve just started a blog detailing some of the stuff I’m doing in an aid to keep users more informed about the features of our tools and upcoming enhancements. A recent post, which I think would be useful for a lot of people on this list and at the EBI in general describes how we present ontologies to users, both to browse, and search.

The blog article is here!

Moreover, an important project in the world of standards is MIBBI, which is a portal containing all the different checklists (i.e. MIAME, MIAPE, etc.). Part of this project involves making checklist creation easier for users, so if the user selects a number of concepts they wish to represent (e.g. Study Design, Organism, Mass Spectrometry analysis), they would get an instantly usable checklist to populate with information via Excel, some XML viewer or even ISAcreator!

The blog article for the MICheckout is here, and the application itself is online here.


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