Demo of Coda Notes for Safari 5

Safari 5, the Apple web browser, was released today. It is available for Mac (obviously) and Windows. All well and good – faster, better support for HTML5, possibility to search Bing, etc. Oh, and we now have the Safari Developer Program, which allows you to create extensions for the browser, like you can for Firefox. Nice.

Something my colleague pointed out to me, and which looks rather exciting, is the Notes extension from Panic Software.

This would allow you to annotate a web page, and send a snapshot by email, thus sharing your notes. Could be nice for working together on projects…

Screenshot from the Coda Notes demo

Annotation and notes in the Coda Notes demo from Panic Software. Send notes as a "postcard"... Nice!


3 thoughts on “Demo of Coda Notes for Safari 5

  1. LuiW says:

    Neither the pencil, nor the marker or eraser tool are working. I can add text and notes, that’s it. I am disappointed that there is no support providing a fix for this problem. I can change the colors of the marker tool my multiple clicking, but then nothing happens. I have tried both using mouse and trackpad.

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