Notes from UXLX talks

UXLX logoLast week, I was fortunate enough to be in lovely Lisbon for the UXLX conference.

You can download my notes from the day of talks at UXLX

The event brought together people involved in the field of user experience design for three days of workshops and talks, and I found it to be a really stimulating and exciting conference to attend. I was able to get to four workshops, where I learned lots of good stuff, listened to some great talks, and met some cool people. I really hope I can go again in 2011!

All of the talks were on the third day, and I have written up my scribbles to share with you, dear readers. I will deal with the workshop notes as soon as I can.

Some good quotes (or at least a bit of paraphrasing!)

“Personas are perhaps the single most useful tool in UX design” – Peter Merholz

“Only innovate to solve a problem” – Eric Reiss

“Commit to fixing a shortlist of big problems before moving to the next session of testing” and “Tweak, don’t redesign” – Steve Krug

“Go for the “of course” effect, instead of the “wow” effect.” – Dan Saffer

“The level of simplicity or complexity needs to suit the context” – Bill Scott

“Think about activities, not just users” – Larry Constantine


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