Talk: Neuromarketing and HCI/Interaction

This is a FREE talk organised by the Cambridge UPA.

WHO: Jeremi Karnell and Dr Philip Rhodes
WHERE: Microsoft Research, Cambridge
WHEN: Monday 17th May, 18.30 for 18.45 to 20.00

Ever wondered why e-commerce sites give more space to user reviews than the product? Or how you can study users’ emotional and pre-cognitive behaviour, as well as their information processing?

If so, you might want to peek into the back yard of your new neighbours – Jeremi Karnell, co-founder of the digital marketing solutions firm One to One Interactive, and Dr. Philip Rhodes, MD of OTOinsights, One to One Interactive’s new media research division. Jeremi and Philip will talk about on-line persuasion and how to study
it. So attend, and keep up with your Jones’s – what better way to resume Cambridge UPA events!


The event is FREE and you do not need to be a UK UPA member to attend. Please use the Eventbrite service to register


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