Guardian News section covering “Service Design”

The Guardian website has created a News section devoted to “design innovation in the public and private sectors“, what they refer to as service design.

Screengrab from the Guardian's "Service Design" page

Screengrab from the Guardian's Service Design news section


In the competitive world of business, what separates an industry’s players is often the service that comes with the product offering – the customer experience. Quality of service determines whether a customer will be loyal, or leave.

Service design is a relatively new discipline that asks some fundamental questions: what should the customer experience be like? What should the employee experience be like? How does a company remain true to its brand, to its core business assets and stay relevant to customers?

The section includes articles on service design in a number of realms of business, including public sector, banking, the car industry, visual media, education, and green issues like sustainability (which interestingly echos to some extent the direction that the UPA have been taking recently).

By creating this News section, the Guardian hope to “… reveal how service methods can help design experiences that are more efficient and more effective.”. Looks pretty interesting to me.


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