Guest Speaker: Cydney Nielsen – Complementing Computation with Visualization in Genomics

We are very happy to announce Cydney Nielsen from the BC Cancer Agency’s Genome Sciences Centre in Vancouver, Canada, as our next guest speaker.

WHEN: March 11th, 15h00

WHERE: M203 (the function room next to Murray’s restaurant), Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton

TITLE: Complementing Computation with Visualization in Genomics

ABSTRACT: The study of genomes has to a large extent become a digital science made possible by the advent of sequencing technology and its power to detect genomic sequence at nucleotide resolution. Massively parallel sequencing platforms have transformed the landscape of high-throughput sequencing, so that now data analysis, not data generation, often poses the primary bottleneck in genomic studies. I will present our recent efforts to bridge the gap between raw data and biological insight through developing techniques for multidimensional data navigation and visualization. I will focus on ABySS-Explorer, our genome assembly visualization tool, and discuss how we visually encode assembled sequences and their attributes in an interactive graph representation. In addition, I will touch on our work-in-progress in the area of epigenomics, and present a prototype for obtaining a global overview of multiple genome-mapped data sets, which is challenging to achieve using current genome browsers.

Photo of Cydney NielsenABOUT: Cydney is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the BC Cancer Agency’s Genome Sciences Centre in Vancouver, Canada. She has got a PhD in Computational Biology from MIT where she studied mammalian post-transcriptional gene regulation.

The goal of her current research is to develop visualization tools that facilitate exploration of large-scale genomic data sets and drive scientific discovery. Her work on visualizing genome assemblies has won the Best Paper Award at InfoVis 2009, the major international information visualization conference. She is also the author of an upcoming review on genomic data visualization to be appear in Nature Methods.


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