Great news for EBI Interfaces in 2010

OK, OK, we have been very quiet on the blog since before Christmas… almost a month now! Nils has been busy writing up his PhD, Eamonn has been away at bioinformatics conferences (or stuck in snow-bound airports, trying to get to conferences!), Jenny has been busy with UX analysis work, and I have busy with all sorts of things in External Services. Busy, busy, busy.

But we are back, and with good news.

We are very pleased to announce that Graham Cameron, Associate Director of the EBI, is now involved with our the Interfaces forum, and brings with him a budget for inviting external speakers. Very exciting – we’re grateful for his involvement! It will also be great to have another EBI Group / Team Leader attend our talks and sessions.

Talks and Show & Tell

We have a list of people we would like to invite this year, with a wide range of specialties and interests. One confirmed booking, Cydney Nielsen, will be announced in a separate post on this blog, and on the mailing list.

We also have more internal speakers lined up, and we are interested in looking at holding some “show & tell” or critiquing sessions  –  if you want focused opinions on your interfaces and visualizations, let us know.


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