Data Visualization Covered by the News Media

With ever increasing amounts of digital data in the public domain and the need for visualizations to interpret, communicate and explore these data, it was only a question of time until the popular media would pick up the topic.

In November both the CNN and the Guardian websites featured stories on data visualization. On CNN, “A new way of looking at the world” by Manav Tanneeru is a quite general discussion of the topic that considers data from a variety of different sources. An article that is more focussed on government data and openness is “When it comes to making data sexy, you can’t be too graphic” by Steve Mollman, who also looks into the potential of visualizations in engaging viewers. Finally, David McCandless authored an article called “Information goes out to play” for the BBC Online Magazine, in which he essentially discusses why visualization can be very powerful.

As these articles are written for a general audience they don’t have a lot of depth. Nonetheless they are worth reading to get an impression about how data visualization is perceived in the world out there.

Do you know about any similar articles in the news media?

Many thanks to Sarah Hunter for pointing out the article in the Guardian.


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