Reasons to be cheerful – discounts and free tips

December is upon us, and in my office, we have a chocolate-filled advent calendar to look forward to each day. The excitement is almost palpable.  🙂  But there are other good things… design-related things… happening throughout December. There are tips and techniques from 24 ways, and discounts and bundles from Sitepoint.

24 ways homepage on Dec 2, 2009

Each year, 24 produces an article on some web design technique or technology for each day of December, up until Chrsitmas. A great series, if you can keep up with it!  🙂

As they describe it:

24 ways is the advent calendar for web geeks. Each day throughout December we publish a daily dose of web design and development goodness to bring you all a little Christmas cheer.

Sitepoint discounts

Sitepoint sale advent calendar

This morning, I got an email from Sitepoint publishers, to let me know about all the deals and discounts they have going at the moment. Each day, they will have a one-day sale on something. I am no spokesman for Sitepoint, but I have  3 or 4 of their books, and I can generally recommend them. They have good titles, so it is well worth checking out.


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