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So, after having a quick play with Adobe catalyst this morning, I thought I’d create something a bit cooler.

In summary, I quickly designed an interface for the application in Illustrator, imported the resulting AI files into Catalyst and then created the buttons, scroll panels and data item definitions. I then took the resulting FXP file (saved by Catalyst) and imported this into Flash Builder to add the data connections so that I could pull real data into the application! The purpose of the application is to allow a user to type in a topic e.g. Flash, interfaces, etc. and then search twitter to find ‘tweets’ about this topic.

This application is not finished by any stretch of the imagination, but I created it in about 20 minutes…something which would have been difficult to do without Adobe Catalyst & Flex Builder. All in all, I had to write about 20 lines of code to get this working.

The application is available here and I could create a desktop application using AIR straight away, but maybe I’ll do that when this thing has more features! 🙂

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate just how quick it can be to create prototypes of applications! 😀


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