More on Adobe Flex Catalyst

After playing with a design I created for an Interfaces website (which in eventuality we decided not to deploy for fear of having too many websites! :D), I simply imported the Adobe Illustrator file into Adobe Flex Catalyst and created a simple ‘website’ in less than 5 minutes with transition effects and everything.

You can see it here.

Also, I exported an AIR application from it as well, and this can be installed and run from your machine, whether it be Linux, Mac or Windows.

You can download it here.

I will be demonstrating the rapid prototyping capabilities of this software really soon, with a slightly more complex application, perhaps based on a current service at the EBI to show you what this stuff can do! The software is a bit buggy and I’ve had a few complications, but I can’t wait for the full version to get released! 😀



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