Talk: Dec 10th – Redesigning BioMart

Dado Marcora has been working hard over the last few months to redesign the user interface of BioMart.

He will give a talk, explaining the decisions he has made, and what impact they will have on improving the BioMart user experience.

WHERE: Courtyard Room, EBI
WHEN: Thursday, Dec 10, 14h00

What is BioMart?

Biologists need to perform complex queries, often across a variety of databases. Typically, each data resource provides an advanced query interface, each of which must be learnt by the biologist before they can begin to query them. BioMart enables scientists to perform integrated and advanced querying of biological data sources (regardless of the geographical location of the data) through a single web interface.

BioMart has become an integral part of large data resources including Ensembl, UniProt, HapMap, Wormbase, Gramene, Dictybase, PRIDE, MSD and Reactome. BioMart is freely accessible to use at

Hope to see you there.


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