Guest Speaker: Sue Keogh – Writing great content for websites

We will have our first Interfaces guest speaker give us a presentation in a couple of weeks. I am very pleased to say that Ely-based copywriter, Sue Keogh, has agreed to come and talk to us about writing great content, and making sure we get our message across to the audience.

Courtyard Room, EMBL EBI, Weds, November 11th, 14h00

We often know what we are saying, but do the audience always understand the same thing? Even when the audience is expert, it is easy to use language that is very project-specific. Sue will give us various tips, examples and ideas for best practice, and tell us something about how to convey concepts and big ideas.

Having well-written and succinct text on our web pages is an interesting and challenging aspect of usability; one that can sometimes be forgotten in the pressure to have the perfect user interface.

More about the speaker

Sue Keogh is a specialist in web copy who has produced content for some of the biggest names in the industry.

A former project manager at, she has hosted the EastEnders forums and run a music site for the BBC, acted as editor and consultant at Bauer Media and produced homepage content for Yahoo! and AOL, covering everything from ‘Britney Shears’ and the Big Brother racism row to the London bombings and the execution of Saddam Hussein.

She is also a copywriter for various businesses in the design, recruitment and charity sectors.


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