E-commerce usability report

One of our Interfaces members, Mark Bingley (designer for the UniProt project) emailed the group to recommend that we have a look at this report about the usability of e-commerce websites. The report, produced by Webcredible, covers a number of sites, including John Lewis, Next, WH Smiths, B&Q, and so on. For each case study, there is a short description of what works, what doesn’t, and why. Valuable stuff.

As Mark said in his email,

Although the findings of this report are based on Ecommerce websites, there are some interesting details that we can all draw on in terms of website design and usability.

If you are interested or involved with website usability, it is well worth 30 mins of your time.

Download the report (PDF) directly from the Webcredible website.

I particularly liked the fact that they have annotated screenshots from each website, with brief notes describing what is good and bad in terms of usability. E-commerce website are all about getting and keeping the user’s attention, and then guiding them through to accomplishing a goal (usually buying something!). It doesn’t take a big mental leap to apply this mindset to other kinds of website, and see how usable and successful they might be.

Thanks for that, Mark.


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