More on colour

Sorry to rattle on about colour… I’m not on a colour crusade, I promise! But I’ve just found out about another interesting application that people might find useful, perhaps especially in terms of information visualization… these resources should help you navigate the colour minefield!


The Colorbrewer application is designed to help cartographers select appropriate colour for adjacent or overlapping items on a map. The palette combinations are based on the research of one Cynthia Brewer, who conducted research into creating maps that people with colour deficiency (colourblindness) can read and understand.


According to the WCAG Samurai article about this application…

The Brewer palette provides two categories of information:

  • Colour pairs that can be used together
  • Colour steps (or gradations) that can be used to show a progression or to differentiate objects

If you have to differentiate two items clearly, you may use one of the colour pairs. If you need to differentiate a related range of items, you may use colour steps.

This could be useful for a variety of tools and visualizations that we produce in the sphere of bioinformatics, and I particularly thought of its application to treemaps… see what you think.


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